Thursday, 10 February 2011

Breaking News

At last the hens seem to be perking up - 3 eggs a day now after weeks if not months of none or only 1.  New hens arriving in the spring too.

It is very spooky but the sheepdog training lady who turned me away when I told her we had alpacas and my dog was an agility dog phoned me last night to say she is running some "herding" courses for beginners and would I like to come.    Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, but I have signed up for the 19th March.   It will be fun if nothing else.  Will have to do lots of socialisation with Dolly.  I was thinking she might be afraid of the sheep but she is happy with the goats and most people think they are horned sheep, so she will probably be OK.  I baad at her yesterday evening and she looked very puzzled and lay down which is her default behaviour if asked to do something she does not understand.

The Chardstock 6 are up for sale which is a shame but understandable as it is not quite the same visiting your alpacas as having them on your own land.

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