Friday, 3 September 2010

We've disappeared

After being on the first page of the Google search engine for months, I came back from holiday to find that we have completely disappeared.   It seems very strange because nothing has been done to the site and no one seems to have even an inkling of an idea as to why so I don't know what route to go down to retrieve the situation.  

I know that it is possible for outsiders to interfere with websites but I would not have thought ours important enough to bother about.

It costs an absolute fortune to get outside companies to optimize the site (i.e. push it up the rankings) and the last time I spent £1000 the company was absolutely pants.   They changed the content of the site and used bad grammar and mispelt things and even gave wrong facts so I am very disillusioned about the so called experts.

On a brighter note we are getting ready for the street fayre tomorrow which should be quite a pleasant experience, even though our stand is usally immediately below the loudspeakers which are constantly in use.  The only problem is that because we do not usually go to markets or fayres we are not really set up to display the goods to their best advantage.

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