Saturday, 4 September 2010

Chardstock Street Fayre

Chardstock Street Fayre has become a sort of annual tradition.  We take about four yearlings along and a selection of stock from the shop.

Last year the weather was awful but today it was really lovely.    The four girls we took were very good.   They hummed a lot but did not seem particularly distressed.    Some of the visitors fed them and they munched away at their hay and lay down from time to time.  No spitting or kicking was in evidence even when one or two young visitors over stepped the mark a bit trying to stroke or poke them.

We are quite well known there now and have regular visitors to our stand.   Everyone loves the soft, attractive alpaca products and there are always volunteers around to help us load and unload if we need help.

There was a really festive air about the street and there were plenty of interesting stalls and displays to look at in our little bit of spare time.

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