Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bono Chance

Had the vet out to check the weanling with the abcess and Bono with the digestion problems.   Great news!"! Bono's stomach is turning over once a minute as opposed to 2 or 3 times and is expected to return to normal in about another week.  He will need to be reintroduced to grass very slowly.  Luciana who has the abcess is also signed off subject to strict surveillance to make sure the lump continues to disperse!!

Goats and kids doing well.   They are a great attraction for all visitors.  All looking good.

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M Dircksen said...

Interested in Bonos progress. We too have a female that has been bloated and with diaharea. We have been treating her with scour meds and electrolytes and probiotic paste. Wil try taking her off the gren grass. We have seen her belly in motion too.
Thank you,
Michelle Dircksen dircksenfarm@aol.com 937-526-4653