Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Well we're back after a long lapse once again.  Must do better!!

Today we ear tagged the kids according to Defra's new regulations.   They have to have two identical tags - one in each ear if they are not electronically identified (chipped).   We knew they would not like it and they are vocal at the best of times, but the volume of protest for each ear was heart rending.   Within seconds of being released, however, they were up to their usual mischief.    We have had to block even the smallest gaps in the fencing with logs and put a plank under the gate to prevent their escapades.   They are quite sensible  it seems because when their Mums call they can find their own way back into the right paddock.  We are hoping they won't have to again.   They are growing so rapidly that soon they will be too big to squeeze under the fences.  See more photos on the phot gallery of our website.

Alpaca matings are well under way although we are a bit behind with the spit offs to check whether the females are actually pregnant.    We have had seven births so far.  Two belong to the new owner of the mums and out of the ones which are left only one is female.  Still we have been very lucky in past years when the balance has been towards girls.   It seems that the pregnant females we sold have mostly given birth to girls and we have kept the ones producing boys.  See pictures on our website Cria photo gallery.

Bono and Luciana seem to be retaining their good health and fingers crossed their problems will not return.

The grass is looking quite green now but is not growing nearly fast enough.

Today Nick did some weed spraying and Mike topped one of the winter paddocks.   Topping and spraying have already been done to the home paddocks which are being grazed again.

We now have a ride on lawn mower to mow the "picnic area" and our dog agility area.

Today we bought a new van.    Last week we went to a dog show at Newbury Showground and the old van over heated and we had to borrow a vehicle from the garage (at Wilton).  Mike went to a big auction in Wales yesterday but was disappointed at the quality of the vehicles being offered and we ended up going to a small car sales site in Bridport which unbeknown to us is owned by someone who lives in Chardstock - about half a mile away from us.

The Tytherleigh Arms which is the pub over the road from us is up for sale.   We are hoping that it will not change too much with the new owners as they provide good quality food at reasonable prices and of course they are in walking distance.

We have some campers on the farm at the moment.   They are working locally on a building project and combining it with walking and exploring.

Romie won Grade 5 Jumping at Golden Valley Dog show which we went to last weekend. 

Dolly, the new puppy, is growing up fast and is going through a lanky phase at the moment.  She is great fun and I cannot imagine what life was like before she arrived!!

Our neighbour, Rodney, who runs a specialist nursery next door (he is an expert in helebores) brought round a huge basket of delicious strawberries today.   I absolutely adore them, but Mike insisted on having a few too.  

More news soon. (maybe)

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