Friday, 27 March 2009

Fingers Crossed

Everything that follows requires some finger crossing to avoid disappointment!!

We are teaming up with Dreamfield Alpacas who are based near Honiton to have an Alpaca Sale Day here at Laurel Farm on Saturday 2nd May. We are hoping to have lots of interest and even some sales.

The broody hen is laying again and has returned to her usual pleasant personality. I found a stash of eggs in the hedge where I saw another hen disappear. Mike had to get a ladder to climb in to retrieve them (nine in all). This morning the talented Millie Moo went in through the brambles and branches and for a mere half a cocktail sausage retrieved this mornings egg.

We had to keep the young males separate from the older ones due to some bullying but yesterday we put all the males back together again, barring the miserable Alario, and toes crossed as well, all seems peaceful in the batchelor paddock.

Paul West formerly of Little Gem Alpacas and now of Little Gem lots of things took some lovely pictures of Pedro and Chale who are now ready to go on our stud male page. See today's pics. The small fluffy one is Alice who was sired by Wellground Alex who belongs to the West. She is an excellent cria.

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