Friday, 22 November 2019

No Respite

More heavy rain forecast for this evening.   We have left the alpacas out for the last few days and although it has been wet at times it has not been too heavy or prolonged so we have left the alpacas out.   The girls have a shelter (which they treat more as a larder for their hay supplies than weather protection), and the boys have access to shelter under the trees at the bottom of their field.   When the weather gets really bad we put them in the barn and that is where they are going tonight.

We have had very few customers for the farm shop as people don't feel like getting out of their cars in the wet.  Egg sales are uneffected it seems.  It probably helps that the banks and entrance have just been strimmed and the access to the egg sales box is mud-free.  It is not very pleasant collecting the eggs or cleaning out the hen house in this weather but it is important to keep up standards and saves work in the long run.

The dogs must be fed up with getting wet then dry (we put coats on them when they come in after being in the rain - saves having shake marks over the floor and furniture).  The cat has the best idea - she has taken over the biggest dog bed and is oblivious to everything except the rattle of food bowls or the milk jug.   She expects a little bowl of milk when we make our tea and the dogs line up to clear up the non-existent remains.
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