Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Simple Solution

Have decided to move the protective electric fence further up the field so that the alpacas who share with the chickens will have a smaller area to graze.  The chickens mainly stay near the top end of the field anyway so they won't notice the difference.   Given that when winter comes in the grass will not be as good the girls should start to lose weight without feeling deprived.

The males are in a field which is lower quality grazing so they should sort themselves out.

Mike had no ill effects from his extra activities yesterday and finished off the mowing today.  I have to leave his crutches in strategic places so that when he dismounts he can support his bad leg. He also managed to get in and out of our old landrover which was failing to respond to my entreaties to start.  Of course he started it first time.

Egg sales are going really well and I am always grateful to the kind people who leave egg boxes so  that I can re-use them.  It is environmentally friendly and also enables me to keep the price down.

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