Saturday, 30 August 2014

Being Methodical

There are always plenty of jobs to be done on the farm but since we have been living in our new house a few more have been added, such as a back garden, a hole where our log cabin was sited whilst we waited for planning permission and then converted the barn, and revamping the farmyard, not to mention creating a permanent indoor handling set up in the new barn.  Much of our original fencing is rotten so we are removing some and replacing other parts.

We have decided to work from the top downwards, which means that in addition to building a corral so that we can catch alpacas if we need to and in future maybe offer farm walks with an alpaca, the fencing at the entrance and all around the first paddock was rotten and have to be replaced.   The car park has been cleared of vegetation,

and Mike is going to level it with his digger and extend the hard standing area for visitors to the shop.

Last Thursday Mike and our good neighbour, Andrew, who lives across the road, stripped the roof from the shop, which was temporarily repaired in the winter when storms ripped half of it off, and replaced it with heavy weight roofing felt, which they assure me will last for many years.

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