Friday, 9 May 2014 uk
Annie is the first cria to be born this year.   Citrine, her mum, was sheared only two days ago and I was concerned because she was so obviously pregnant.  Colin and Seb, who came to shear our herd took extra care with her and obviously she has come through very well.

I had been keeping a close eye on Citrine for several days and was concerned yesterday when she spent most of the day lying down (although she was munching all the time).  I think now that we have a smaller herd I notice more detail about each alpaca and consequently, worry more.  Having checked her at regular intervals this morning with no sign of her being ready to deliver, I went out after lunch to glance at her in the paddock, only to find that the new cria was already latched on and feeding strongly.  Old Citrine (ten and a half years old) certainly knows her stuff.

She was not very happy when I went to check the cria and spray her  naval but she did not make too much fuss when Mike held her and Annie quickly went in for a booster drink straight away afterwards.

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