Friday, 10 January 2014

Mix and Match

The problem with the goats' feet made us have a rethink and whilst Mike was having his routine blood test this morning, I introduced the older male alpacas, Anchor, Pedro and Spirit to the yearlings.   They have been sniffing each other over the fence for ages and so when I put them in a paddock together they hardly noticed.

I then moved the goats into their  shelter which I had cleaned up and added lovely dry  clean straw for their comfort.  It was easy to move the goats  up the long race.  I just showed them the bucket of feed and they were putty in my hands.  My only concern was the proximity of their long horns.  Not that they meant me any harm, but they find food extremely exciting!!  I hope a stay in the dry will help their poorly feet to return to normal.   When I looked in a little later they certainly seemed very much at home.   The chickens have not ventured in yet, but I am sure they will eventually.   They will probably use the horns to perch on.

When Mike returned we moved the wheeled  hay rack out of the yearlings' shelter and put up some wall racks to make more room and when the rain came Dolly and I herded them all in.   They were quite keen when they saw the buckets of alf alfa waiting for them and I listened  carefully when I went up to shut the farm gates and there was no noise, so presumably they were all happy together.

This will make it much easier because with the goats housed indoors and only two lots of alpacas instead of three there will be a lot less mileage in the muddy fields.

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