Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Another group of alpacas had a long overdue toe nail clipping sessions today.  The group consisted of  female weanlings and young adult females as well as Mums of male weanlings who sadly do not live with them anymore.

When the alpacas were in the barn the young males were separate and we took the opportunity to handle them quite a lot.  Because the females were all in together we did not handle the youngsters so much and it really showed today.   The boys had been easy but the 2012 females were much less comfortable with having their nails done.   Awake up call for us to make sure they are easy to handle as adults.

We took the opportunity to check their condition and were encouraged that most of the ones we treated today had improved with only one or two of any real concern now.  Most of the females weanlings are in good condition with really lovely fleece.

Apart from testing the system  the plumbers have finished their work in the house and it is now just waiting for the electrician and  a few tidying up jobs from the main builders.

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