Monday, 11 February 2013

Dolly Dog Dodgy

On returning home from a weekend at David's house in Salisbury with me, Dolly was decidedly under the weather.   She would not eat or drink and this morning when we were feeding the animals she was very lack lustre - walking through gates instead of jumping the 4ft fences and lying down whenever she could.

I finally got her to eat a little rice and meat but she still would not drink.  She brought up her one meal and six hours after eating it had not been digested.

We decided that she should go to the vet and he found her to be very dehydrated and tended to agree with me that she might have a blockage and he mentioned pancreatitis which I thought was associated with older dogs and maybe a fatty diet.  Neither of these apply to Dolly.  She has not got a high temperature.

She is now languishing in vet hospital with a drip to try and re- hydrate her quickly.  Initial blood tests have shown no cause for concern but also no answers.

We have decided to move the sheep to the paddock next to the barn and Mike and Nick will be putting up a
temporary fence.  They will have the benefit of fresh grass and we will have the benefit of their lawn mowing abilities which will help to tidy the

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