Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Goodbye Scaffolding

Well at last we can see the whole building without the scaffolding.  It seems much lighter inside.  I think the house is leaning a little as all the different tradesmen of the building world bring their own music with them which they play all day at enough volume so they can hear it above the noise they make when practising their skills.  It is quite bright and cheerful, as long as you don't have a hangover, and without exception all the tradesmen have been really pleasant, helpful and efficient.

I asked Nick to check the Gotland Sheep as I thought that despite being restricted to a small paddock they seemed to be really fat.   Apparently not - sheep are supposed to be much fatter than alpacas and goats and they are, in fact, not fat enough.   They have been transferred to winter paddocks with the female alpacas who have been removed from their cria for weaning.  That is the only area left with any serious grass.  We are galloping through our hay stores already and  we are feeding the lactating females to try and keep them fit. The grass looks OK but is really not very nutritious.

It was really funny to see how the alpacas reacted to the sheep.   They galloped up to them and then backed off as though they could not decide if they were predators.  The four sheep move around together in unison but I notice that they tend to be nearer to the alpacas than they were at first.

At last the original 6 hens are laying again and we are starting to get a surplus.  I can at least bank on having enough for an omelette when we want one./

We now have 25 stallholders booked in for the Christmas Market, so I am now a bit worried that there will not be enough room for my products!!!   Quite a few members of our family are travelling down from Bristol, and Salisbury respectively so that will help with the footfall and they might even find themselves co-opted as  staff.!! 

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