Thursday, 23 August 2012

Lady in waiting

Jessica is the very last female to birth this year.   Her optimum due date is today but there is no sign of any new addition so far.  The photo shows her eating for two we hope.

Anchor (pictured looking sadly over the gate) is in quarantine having returned from a stay on one of our client's farm where he has been acting as a temporary herd sire. We hope his girls will be producing some fine offspring as a result of his attentions.

We have now weaned this year's goat kids.   The Mums have been kept out of site in the barn but have now been re-introduced to the rest of the herd and the kids are staying with the bucks and sharing it with three male alpacas for the time being.   We have given up on using the top paddock because the new 4 ft stock fencing is square and not oblong gaps so that when the goats put their heads through (as they often do)  they cannot withdraw them because their horns get caught.   When the gaps are oblong they just turn sideways and slide back out.

We are going to several fayres and fetes soon so I am trying to handle and halter train three yearlings so they behave well when they go on show.   So far they are improving rapidly and getting used to walking round strange obstacles like the pile of wood at the back of the barn.  They are no longer spooked when they accidentally tread on a piece of tarpaulin and generally seem to look forward to getting in to their show pen - probably because they get a food treat once they are there.

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