Monday, 10 January 2011

All going well

Since the snow has gone we have found everything much easier and although it is still wintery, the odd sunny hour and the fact that we can move around the farm easily makes life a lot more pleasant.   The weanlings are only in their own paddock with the shelter when the weather is really bad, the rest of the time they are in one of the bigger paddocks where there is at least some better grass, but they never object to returning to their home paddock in the evenings.

The dogs have been much better behaved in the evenings because they have been out more in the day so are ready to settle and watch  their  favourite TV programmes.

Dolly, the puppy, now eleven months old, has started to do some agility training and she is doing really well, although she is more interested in the ball on a rope that is her reward than the agility sometimes.  Charlie, my other young dog is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am hoping that he will be competing by Easter.

I went on a training day recently and have changed my handling and training of the dogs slightly as a result and it looks like the tweaks are producing the desired results.   I passed the information on to Mike and Jake has also improved greatly because of the new ideas.   Small changes can make big differences.

Still no eggs from the hens.  Lucky for them that they are hobby hens and it is not a commercial enterprise or they would be chicken kiev by now.  We have ordered ten more black rock hens for the spring so we will be virtually starting again!!

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