Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rain at last

We had a reasonable amount of rain over night and some during the day today (usually when we were furthest away from the house).   Mike has managed to source 1 large bale of hay and is hoping to buy some off field if he can get a big enough trailer to collect it.  It is about half price if you purchase in this way.

This will save us quite a lot of money because we have been giving the goats haylage at £6 per bale whilst we could not find hay.   They loved the fresh sweet smelling hay they had today. 

We continued with our mating programme today.   Pedro and Alario were the lucky boys.  Nearly all the previously mated girls spat off, thus confirming that they at least think they are pregnant.  Jacquenetta, a pretty little black girl who was mated by an outside stud male, sat for Pedro so she is obviously not pregnant and will have to return to be remated.  Very inconvenient and time wasting.

All the digging has been finished and we now have to restore everything to normal - fences to replace, grass to sow, find somewhere for the dogs to sleep.  They are in the new van at the moment as the lorry which we used to use as a kennel has been moved.

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