Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sunshine all Day

Well what beautiful weather we are having. Alpacas have been sunbathing and rolling in dust baths to show their appreciation.

Pedro has told me in confidence that he will not allow his recent success to change his life in any way. This is just as well as he has to live with nine other males at the moment and they just would not tolerate celebrity tantrums.

He will back to work tomorrow courting and ravishing young females.

Emilia is equally unmoved by stardom and is certainly not aiming for a size zero figure judging by the way she barges her way to the feeding trough in the mornings.

Pretty much back to routine today, but much more pleasant doing it all in the sun. Mike has taken our camper van to be MOT'd today so I have been on my own. He is going to Thailand on Sunday but my neighbour has kindly offered to come in during the ten days he is away to help with paddock cleaning and give me a hand with other things if I need it.

She brings her young yellow labrador round to train on our dog agility equipment and normally repays me with beautiful home made cakes. http://www.alpacas-for-sale.co.uk/studservices.html

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