Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Strange |Blogging

I am not sure what is happening (probably something I did!) but some very old posts seem to be reappearing as events in 2018.  So if you are confused - so am I!!

We have just taken delivery of 23 young Ewes belonging to a local farmer friend.   They are going to graze our land for a few weeks to improve the quality of the grass and get rid of unwanted weeds.
They are in a field with our male alpacas and to start with they all kept themselves to themselves but now they are starting to mingle and are often to be seen sun bathing together (when the sun actually comes out).

I have just started to halter train last year's cria.   Back in the winter snow we brought them into the barn to keep them warm and they experienced all the comings and goings of tractors, people, dogs etc. so they should be more or less bomb proof in future.   They are now in the back paddock (behind our house)  and are experiencing life near the road and cars which run up and down our drive.   Today Dave, who strims our verge and bank and drive edges came, so that is another notch for the boys.
The photo is of our remaining female alpacas.   We were going to give up and reduced the herd considerably,but now Mike is fitter  I am going to breed again, but not for sale, just for fleece.

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