Saturday, 27 January 2018

Life at Laurekl FarmAlpacas
Alpaca Hand Knits

We still have a small herd of alpacas mainly for their fleece, although we do have some breeding stock and pets for sale from time to time.

We sell online and we have a small shop on the farm where you can buy Alpaca socks, beanie hats, bobble hats, chullo hats, mittens, scarves, gloves and more.   We also sell Vetbed for dogs (not alpaca) which is very popular as bedding, boot liner for pets travelling and to line dog crates for puppies and elderly or sick dogs.

Phone 01460 220763 to arrange a visit and to confirm that the shop is open.   We are always pleased to see visitors.

Mike is battling with health problems at the moment but looking forward to better weather and renewed vitality in the spring.   It seems to have rained for weeks and all our gateways and sloping fields are subject to mud and holding water.  

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