Friday, 13 May 2016

Back to Normal at Laurel Farm

Well it is ages since I have blogged but Mike is now pretty much back to his old self and the skies are blue and the sun is out.

We have simplified the farm by removing and not replacing a lot of rotting fences and as we have downsized the herd it all looks a lot more open.

Although we only have twenty alpacas now, we are expecting five cria between now and July.  We will be selling off some more of the older alpacas in an effort to keep the numbers down but still have a good quality young herd.

We have moved the farm shop into the barn as we no longer need it for animals and it is much more spacious and welcoming for visitors.  We can still use it for storing hay and straw and of course the alpaca fleeces after shearing.

Colin, the shearer, came last Saturday and I now have about twenty bags of fleece to sort and grade ready to send to the mill for spinning.   We now sell into a co-operative and buy back what yarn we want for our hand knits or to yarn.

Charlie and Dolly, the dogs that I still compete with in agility are doing well.   Dolly had a win at her last show and so has gone up a grade.

Mike is enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts in a local club that he has joined.  Now that he is in good health again he is feeling much more like getting out and about.

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