Tuesday, 22 September 2015



When we first came down to Devon we started to explore the area but soon got bogged down with setting up the alpaca herd, getting to grips with reclaiming the jungle that used to be Laurel Farm, and, sadly, looking after my Mum in her final years.

We managed to get ourselves on to a self inflicted roundabout, which, although enjoyable, we are now ready to  change.
Today we went to Seatown, which is on the way to Bridport.   It is a stunning  bay with wonderful views of Golden Cap.

We had a lovely walk along the beach, with a short break sitting on a big rock which presented itself just when we felt like sitting and watching  the sea for a while.

On returning to the car park we visited the Anchor Inn which is a characterful pub at the site.  We had a welcome cup of coffee and enjoyed the autumn sunshine for a while, vowing to return and treat ourselves to lunch from time to time.

Image result for photos of seatown

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