Monday, 25 November 2013

It's Official!

Our farm shop is open weekdays 11.30 - 3.30 p.m. except Wednesday and we are closed on Sundays notwithstanding  unforeseen events.   Today I had very few customers but just before I was about to close a car pulled in and four young men emerged.  They wandered down the drive as I wandered up and I made the observation that I presumed they were not interested in the shop and they confirmed that they were more interested in the alpacas.

As usual when visitors particularly want to see them the alpacas had removed themselves to a lower paddock, so I offered to bring them up so they could see them at close quarters.  They were really pleased and so I called Dolly the dog out to help me move them.

As luck would have it Dolly acted like a participant in One Man and His Dog on this occasion.  (Sometimes of course it can go horribly wrong)!  She listened to my voice and whistle commands and casually herded the eight young males up the paddock and through two gateways.  She then lay down to block the second gateway whilst the visitors took photos and generally enjoyed the experience.  When I felt that the alpacas had settled down I called Dolly back and raised my hand in a wave as Dolly and I walked away.

One of the boys waved back and shouted "I have got to say that your dog is  awesome." so what I always knew is now official!!

Jake, Mike's dog, still retains the title of "The Saint" as he can do no wrong in Mike's eyes, but as I said repeatedly until Mike told me to shut up, "awesome" is much better.

Preparations are going ahead for the Crafts and Gifts Market at the weekend.  Mike is still in the barn as I am writing this at 6.20 p.m.  He is pressure washing the floor so that it is fit for humans.  Tomorrow he and Nick will be putting up temporary fencing for the car park and for Animal corner where we have a few alpacas, sheep and chickens for visitors (particularly the children) to see.

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