Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fighting the good fight.

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We only have three Goat Bucks left and we may have a buyer for them.  Of course today when I was cleaning their paddock, which we do every few days in an attempt to keep down the likelihood of parasite infestation  such as worms, I noticed that one was limping and another scouring.  Just what you need at this time!!

I enlisted Mike's help to hold them and trimmed all 12 feet and gave them a dose of Vecoxan which is a medication to control the internal parasite coccidea, which can be one cause of  diarrhoea.  I am waiting for some advice from the vet about the best worming product to treat some other internal parasites  which have shown up on a routine examination of the alpacas' faeces  and given that the goats live on the same farm, it is a good bet that if they have any worms they will be the same type.

The new hens have started to lay and we are getting about six really cute small eggs a day from them.   They are all getting very bold and really free-ranging.  Luckily they all now return to the right hen house and are usually already on their perches when Dolly and I turn up to shut them in for the night.  I gave both hen houses a good clean out this afternoon.  They find this really exciting as they love rummaging around in the fresh wood shavings or straw.

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