Monday, 28 October 2013

Confused animals

The forecast storm came but on this occasion our mini climate which usually gives us worse weather than our neighbours seemed to work in our favour.   It was very windy and it rained, but we slept through it and in the morning the effects were not noticeable.   As far as I can see none of our lovely trees suffered and all the animals seemed quite normal this morning.

The chicken guarding alpacas are obviously feeling on top of the world and told Romie, the dog, to leave their exalted position.   The chickens think that Mike's yard is just another perching opportunity and the dogs are accepted as four legged chickens, I think.  Only the cat remains aloof and literally on top.   She has taken over the barn as her abode and sleeps on the highest bale in the hay loft.

 I took down all the agility equipment so that it would not get blown around last night.  As the alpacas are using the shelter next door, there is nowhere handy to store the equipment under cover at the moment so it just stayed on the ground.

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