Friday, 25 January 2013

No Strimming

Even when the doors are open, the Angora bucks prefer to stay in their nice warm goat house. To be fair, the little ones are only ten months old, so you cannot blame them for wanting to keep cosy.

I notice that in yesterday's blog I mentioned our intention to strim the alpacas' toe nails.   Of course, I should have said "trim"!

The builders have left for the day having installed our lovely oak staircase.  I was going to take a photo but they have now covered it so they can walk on it without damaging it, so I was too late.  The internal doors are also oak and are a very close match to the stairs, which is really great.

Apparently apart from the stone floor in the living room, all the major works are completed and everything else is "just cosmetic", although it includes fitting the central heating, kitchen (which has not arrived yet) and bathroom sanitary ware.

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