Monday, 9 April 2012

Escape from Alpacaland

Drake, the oldest buck in the herd has been limping badly and so we cleaned out the offending foot and sprayed it with antibiotic as well as giving him a series of antibiotic injections.   He seems to be more comfortable but we are checking the foot daily and trying to keep it free of grass and dirt.
Foot problems seem to be very common  amongst the goats whereas they are quite unusual in alpacas even if their toe nails get a bit long sometimes.

The new cria (no name as yet) seems to be doing well, although we are bit concerned about the heavy rain today and this evening. We have brought the female alpacas back up to the home paddocks after living in the winter paddocks for several months so it is easier to keep an eye on them as birthing dates approach.

We had a phone call from our neighbours who thought they had a poodle in one of their fields but it proved to be a young buck who had been a bit too adventurous.  They kindly brought him home

The buck kids  keep getting out but previously managed to stay on our property but now we will have to make sure all potential escape routes are blocked.  Having said that as soon as we brought the alpacas up from the winter paddocks I noticed an extra small horned herd member who obviously thought their grass was greener and - guess what - another escapee.

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