Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Good bye Number 7

Sadly Number 7 died last Thursday.  She had been looking listless again and we tried all the usual things to get her to rally as she was wont to do.   This time it did not work and on Wednesday  I noticed she had a rattle in her chest which I thought might be pneumonia so I gave her some anti-biotic but the next morning (Thursday) Tony found her dead in the goathouse, so I never got round to giving her the next dose.

JJ, the vet who saw her on one occasion when she was failing, had said he would be interested in doing a post mortem as he had not been able to find a reason for her condition.  I took her along and when he phoned later he said that there was no  unusual reason for her demise.   She did have pneumonia and her heart was slightly small on one side.    It seems that it was just her poor start in life which set the scene.  Hind sight I think she must have been feeling low for a long time.   When she was a kid and she saw me coming with the bottle she used to run to me in a very excited and happy way, but that has been missing for a long time.  Perhaps it was unkind to keep her going so long.  I hope not.

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