Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Getting through

At least now we are both feeling a bit better and hoping that by Christmas we will be full of the Christmas Spirit.  Two of our neighbours have kindly invited us to spend Christmas day with them if we cannot get off the  farm to go to David and Jane's for our Festivities.  As long as we can  get out of the drive we will be fine but as we have to take all seven dogs with us we will have to use the van which does not have 4 wheel drive.  We cannot risk leaving them at home as it is too long and if we got stuck they would be hungry and thirsty and cold on Christmas Day which would be sad even though they don't know it is Christmas.

Mike has gone up to the garage today and has taken the pressies round so that at least the children will get them even if we do get snowed in.   The forecast is quite good so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

The animals are all coping well although I expect they are fed up with living on hay.  We are lucky that we have plenty of shelters and they are certainly making use of them at the moment.   When we look out of the window in the mornings it is like the Marie Celeste - not asign of life on the place apart from the good ole cockerell who continues to crow despite it all!!

The tough outdoors cat who disappears for days at a time in the summer has become a permanent fixture  indoors and has to be thrown out occasionally when we realise she has been in for too many hours.  She favours Mike's chair but when all else fails will deign to use the cat basket. 

The goats and kids stay indoors all the time at the moment although we do let the kids out as their trailer is a bit small for 24 hour occupation.   Mike and Nick have yet to complete their shelter. Actually they havenot started it yet.

Mike just phoned to get me to order some gas cylinders - we cook and heat the log cabin by propane gas.   Apparently there is now a shortage and it was broadcast on TV at lunch time so I have reserved two cylinders for collection tomorrow so we don't run out. 

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