Monday, 25 October 2010

Stepping out

Everything  has been going to plan although I must say my experience in staying with the grandchildren made me  realise life is  quite hectic for modern Mums with all the comittments that the children have.  Two days involving the school runs and delivering and collecting from after school tutor sounded like a piece of cake but negotiating the heavy traffic first thing in the morning, taking the two dogs I took with me on walks in public places, getting back to school in the afternoons whilst allowing for getting involved in yet more traffic and actually managing to park within walking distance of school were mini challenges I did not forsee.

I was a bit apprehensive about taking the dogs, Charlie and Dolly to public parks where there would be lots of other dog walkers. Not because ours are unfriendly,  but because I thought they might be over friendly and therefore unpopular with other walkers.   They are mostly used to being let out into our 15 acres and rarely meet other dogs except at dog shows.  As it turned out they behaved very well and realised that dog show rules apply - i.e. stay within your own pack and don't run off to other owners and dogs.  I was even congratulated by one of the guides at Old Sarum heritage site for the controlled way in which I unloaded the dogs as apparently most people just open the boot and let their dogs gallop off.  We had several lovely walks  at various venues around the town which was really an enjoyable change.

Since the grandchildren, Zach and Tara have been staying they have taken on goat tending duties - feeding them twice a day, shutting them in at night and letting they out in the mornings.  They have also been feeding the alpaca mothers who are still feeding their cria to keep their strength up.

In return we have been to the cinema to see an animated film (DespicableMe) which were surprised to find extremely enjoyable.   There was a trailer for next week's film about Yogi Bear which we would love to see but would probably be too embarrassed to go without the children as an excuse.    We have also been ten pin bowling and swimming is on the agenda before they go home.

We have been really lucky with the weather although it is forecast to change   tomorrow.   The alpacas have been sunbathing and really enjoying the Indian Summer.  Reality is about to set in for them.

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