Monday, 26 April 2010

Back to Reality

I have just spent the last four days on a John Rogerson course organised by my friend Pauline at Andover.  John is a renowned dog trainer's trainer.   The weather was lovely and I took Dolly, the puppy, and Charlie.  Charlie and Jake have been having issues so it was useful to pick up John's behavioural advice as well as using him as my subject for the Ultimate Recall which was the name of the course.  It was also really good to have Dolly to myself without the influence of her Mum, Romie.   She was very confident and very good.

Since getting home Charlie has been much better behaved but he is still being castrated tomorrow in the hope that with less testosterone his relationship with Jake will improve.   Maybe he knows, because today he has been perfect and has not put a foot wrong.

The farm looks very well populated again because all the alpacas are in the home paddocks.   They are colour coordinated with the hens - shades ranging from  black through brown to white.

Life is a lot easier now that they are not eating as much hay.  We just have to let the chickens out and feed the goats in the morning instead of having to visit every paddock and top up hay.

We took a total of £285 at the coffee morning in aid of Devon Air Ambulance.

The shop is very quiet at the moment.   The lull between Easter and Summer hols I expect.


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