Thursday, 18 March 2010

Chickens Galore

The long awaited chicken launch has arrived.   We have 7 of our originals, including the cockrell, I bought another 8 Silver Links ( a hybrid renowned for their egg production) and David gave me 9 Free Range chickens from a large farm of 30,000.  They were due for the chop but slipped through the net to arrive at Laurel Farm.   This gave Mike a bit of a tight schedule to get the new chicken shed up and running but we made it and they all seem to be getting along quite well together.   We now have a glut of eggs so we hope that the word gets around soon so that we can become egg millionaires!!

The shop is doing very well now that it is on the ground floor and the builders have nearly finished lining and insulating the upstairs of the barn so that next winter I will have a cosy office and a room where I can use my sewing machine and knitting machine.   I always used to be quite good at making things by hand so hope to get back to a bit of sewing but I have yet to get to grips with the knitting machine.  I keep telling Mike that he is an engineer and ought to be able to help me work out how to do it!!

After not getting around to doing anything about it I decided finally to take my dolls house (a family heirloom) to the professionals.  The shop in Shaftesbury has closed down and so now I am starting the long search to try and find someone else who can do it.

The pups are going great guns.  They are on 4 meals a day and very lively.   As the weather has been good recently they have spent most of the day in their playpen in the garden.  Sadly rain is forecast for the rest of the week so they will have to spend more time indoors.  This also means a lot more clearing up of pees and poos for me, althoug Romie does help!!! Yuk!!!

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