Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well the weather is freezing but a great improvement on all the rain we had earlier in the winter.

The girls still come into the barn every night and look forward to tucking into their hay, haylage and alf alfa.

The website has been revamped and I am trying in between other jobs to update all the information. The product page is all that is left to do and I hope to get that done on Wednesday when Mike is at the garage for the day.

We managed to clear the paddocks today despite the frost. In fact in the paddocks which had been recently used it was easier than usual. We had to give up on one paddock which had not been used for a few days and everything was set in ice.

I am hoping the Romie is pregnant although she does not seem to be putting on any weight yet. I want one of her puppies to compete in agility but even if she is successfully mated this time it will be about 2 years before the puppy will be ready , so I was thinking of getting another young dog to fill the gap. Millie my older dog, although very puppyish, is actually 10 years old.

After four false starts in finding a dog - two where the present owners decided to keep their dogs - one where I was pipped to the post by another buyer - and another who came to stay briefly but was an alpaca chaser and too risky to keep - my friend, Elaine, brought a really lovely dog to stay. His owner, Elaine's foster daughter, could no longer keep him.

We have had him since last Tuesday and he is perfect. He has tried to chase the cat and the alpacas but has quickly learned that is it not acceptable and we feel confident that he will soon be quite reliable in these areas. See today's photo.

Goats, hens, cockrell, alpacas, dogs and cat all doing well.

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