Friday, 15 January 2010

Away from Alpacas

My son, David, came to visit us today.  We went out to lunch at the Masons Arms which is a lovely pub in Branscombe (where the ship went down a couple of years ago).  It is very popular and was nearly full even on a Friday in mid January.

Afterwards David suggested that we took his dog Jax for a walk along the beach.  Mike stayed in the car as he has hurt his hip.

It was a very pleasant half mile country walk to the beach and of course the beach was nearly empty apart from two hardy walking couples we passed.    The sea was dramatic and I was pleasantly surprised at how much flat sand there was when the tide was out.  I had always thought it was only shingle.

We had a bracing walk and a good catch up chat before Mike drove us home and back to the reality of feeding the goats and getting all the animals in for the night.  It was a really nice change and we have vowed that we must get out more and enjoy the local amenities and not just take the easy option to walk across the road to the pub or nip into Axminster or Chard to the shops.

There is definitely still a world out there. 

Having said that I am off to Salisbury tomorrow to look after the grandchildren whilst David and Jane have a night away to celebrate Jane's birthday.   I am meeting up with my friend, Pauline, for lunch  on the way.

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