Monday, 9 June 2008

Today is Friday

No, I know it's not but I went away for the weekend to a dog show (no surprise there) and did not do the blog before I went.

David came down and did some strimming for us as the Devon bank at the farm gate was so overgrown that it was becoming dangerous for us and customers to leave the farm unless they wanted to turn left and accelerate immediately. It looks much better now and is much safer, although I have called the Devon Highways Dept. to get them to come and cut the verge which is also obscuring our vision.

As always he gave us a hand with a few other jobs before both of us left for the weekend at about 4 p.m. The picture is of Bono one of our males chosing his bride for the day. They all look pleased to see him!! The other picture is David helping to move the girls from paddock to paddock. I think he is looking for ward to his surfing!!

Mike had a very productive time whilst I was gone and continued with the strimming and topping. He also managed to get some leisure time to enjoy the weather and relax.

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