Monday, 2 June 2008

Making the most of the dry weather

The weather forecast is variable for this week so we are making the most of every dry moment.

I have just come back from collecting our Blue Tongue vaccine from the vet and it is currently getting towards ambient temperature. We plan to vaccinate the entire herd later this morning so we are getting on with routine tasks as quickly as possible.

We are expecting a visit from our friendly shepherd/farm contractor this week who is going to bring our paddock water situation into the 21st century. He is also supposed to be supplying us with our chickens (Black Rock). Photos will be forthcoming when they arrive.

We have been topping the fields and leaving some areas to conserve the many wild flowers which grow on the farm. I meant to take a photograph today but was rained off, so it will appear in a later blog entry.

Our neighbour, Pam, is helping us clean the paddocks. She says she enjoys it because it is outside, good exercise and she likes to be amongst the alpacas.

We were spoilt last weekend when our friends stayed because they did all sorts of jobs whilst they were here, so Pam is even more welcome than usual.

The pictures show me and Pam with the manual tools and Mike (because he is an engineer) does the technical stuff with the poover.

We put the bags of alpaca manure, as we politely call it, at the farm gate and however many we put out they are always gone within an hour or two. We think there is a jungle drum system in the area, or maybe a Miss Marple character on her bike - peddling like mad to deliver the good news!!! Sometimes when people are collecting their manure they come and talk to us and the alpacas or meet the dogs if they come after about 3 p.m. when they are free ranging. It often leads to a visit to our farm shop where we sell our knitwear and South American blankets and ponchos etc:


Well we did quite well today. We vaccinated the entire herd against Blue Tongue (44 animals) delivered a young male to his new home, did the shopping on the way back and arrived home in time for tea.

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