Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Day after the Night Before

We went went to a charity ball last night organised (the outing, not the entire ball) by Lynsey and Ian Skinner from Dreamfield Alpacas. We actually managed to be ready on time and amazingly were the first to arrive. First of all the guests, not just our party. This is definitely going down in the history of the Thomas's because it have never been known before.

We arrived at 7 p.m. instead of 7.20 p.m. Mike says I planned it as we sat and listened to the Archers on the radio - a banned programme in our household along with East Enders and Coronation Street!! I do sometimes sneak a quick listen to the Archers if there is noone (i.e. Mike about).

We had a lovely evening but decided to be a bit lazy this morning, and as the weather is rather miserable and wet I took the opportunity to tidy up the shop, order new carrier bags and sew on some more labels to our hand made garments.

I also browsed the www to find someone to make me a stencil for the carrier bags as the minimum order for printed ones seems to be rather large for our fledgling business.

Mike is busy tidying up his workshop - a job he has been trying to get round to for ages. He has been spurred on by the expected visit from Salisbury British Bike Club tomorrow. Mike is an ex member and they are going to ride down on their vintage machines and stop here for a lunch break and to frighten the alpacas and the neighbours!!

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